Invest Cyprus cultivating significant potential investment from Lebanese and French companies

ADDED 2024-04-09

(Source: InBusinessNews 22/03/2024)


French and Lebanese companies active in Lebanon and France, including members of the Chambre de Commerce Franco-Libanaise- French-Lebanese Chamber of Commerce are showing great interest in investing, expanding their activities and establishing offices in Cyprus. mainly in the fields of health and medical care, technology and energy, Invest Cyprus has revealed.

This particular market is considered to be of the utmost importance for Cyprus, with the specific potential investments bringing about multiple benefits for the economy of the island if implemented.

France’s great influence within the EU and the fact that Cyprus is geographically the closest European country to Lebanon should also be taken into account as this opens the way for Cyprus to emerge as a bridge for investment and business cooperation for the entire region.

An Invest Cyprus event in Beirut

The advantages of Cyprus as an investment destination were highlighted by Invest Cyprus to the members of the French-Lebanese Chamber of Commerce, among notable businessmen and investors, at an event recently held by the organisation in Beirut.

More specifically, following an invitation from the French-Lebanese Chamber of Commerce and with the immediate response of Invest Cyprus, the event was held with the aim of deepening Cyprus' relations with the Lebanese market and French and Lebanese companies.

During the event, the CEO of Invest Cyprus, Marios Tannousis, presented the Cypriot investment and business environment as well as the incentives for investing in Cyprus to business executives and distinguished members of the French-Lebanese Chamber of Commerce.

Existing investors from the region in Cyprus were present during a roundtable discussion that took place, and narrated their experiences through testimonials. Among them were the companies Murex and Kassatly Group as well as a company engaged in the field of medical care. Shadi Karam, the former Chairman of AstroBank, also participated.

The CEO of Invest Cyprus also took part in the roundtable and answered questions, which had to do with the areas in which the potential investors have an interest in Cyprus, related procedures and the tax regime.

It is worth noting that the Ambassador of Cyprus to Lebanon, Maria Hadjitheodosiou, also addressed the event.

The audience consisted of more than 50 businessmen and executives, members of the French-Lebanese Chamber of Commerce, active in various sectors of the economy.

They asked for a mission to be organised in Cyprus

Speaking to InBusinessNews, the CEO of Invest Cyprus, Marios Tannousis, indicated that companies active in the health and medical care sector, as well as technology and energy, have shown a great interest and intention to invest in Cyprus.

"This particular market is very important and as Invest Cyprus we want and seek to strengthen their investments in Cyprus," he said.

Tannousis emphasised the importance of this perspective, as France has significant influence as a country, especially in the EU, while there are very strong French investments in Lebanon.

"Furthermore, because France is a large and important country and Cyprus is part of the EU. and at the same time the closest European country to Lebanon, we are given the opportunity to cooperate and make Cyprus a bridge of cooperation for investments and businesses between France, Lebanon or even the wider region.

On top of that, the already excellent relations we have with France also help. If we use this opportunity properly, our economy will be strengthened," he added.

It is worth noting that due to the great interest recorded, the companies requested that a French-Lebanese Chamber of Commerce mission be organised in Cyprus, so that potential investors can verify facts and be further informed through meetings with competent bodies and officials.

"In this way we will be able to proceed with further collaborations and strengthen the business and investment partnerships that Cyprus has with France and Lebanon,” concluded the CEO of Invest Cyprus.