Management Model

CPF’s operating philosophy is based on the concept of our “Value Outsourcing” model. Using this model, we determine the optimum mix of service locations, processes and technologies to meet our clients’ business objectives.

a) Dedicated Professionals:

Our staff aims to become a true extension of our clients’ staff. We understand your culture, processes, technology and measure our success on how well we meet your standards.

b) Ongoing Relationship Building:

We strive to build and maintain long term relationships and become your trusted business advisors. These relationships are vital to our success as they enable us to acquire a thorough understanding of our clients’ needs and ensure that we do not only meet but exceed your expectations.

c) Commitment to Service Excellence:

We work with you to ensure we understand your detailed standards and, most importantly, your definition of success. We then ensure our services are delivered to suit your requirements. Our fund specialists continuously strive to improve our firm’s processes to achieve client satisfaction and reduce costs.

d) Team Spirit:

We strive to constantly work together with you, drawing on the expertise, skills, experience and enthusiasm of people at all levels in our firm to reach a common objective.

Why choose us?

  • The leading independent fund administration provider in Cyprus
  • We listen to our clients’ requirement
  • We are reliable and efficient
  • Experienced team of multilingual and highly skilled professionals
  • Extensive industry knowledge
  • We offer quality, practical solutions with a highly personalised service